My name is Jeff Reimer.
I write about literature, art, faith, and culture.



Rules for Passivists (Comment). Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about change. In which case I have some advice.

The World Through a Copyeditor’s Eyes (The Bulwark). I made my living as a copyeditor for twelve years. As a copyeditor you’re paid to not have thoughts. But I had thoughts anyway.


Thick Culture: Tradition, Identity, and Meaning at a Family Reunion (Comment). I grew up adjacent to but not directly within the culture of my rural, close-knit extended family, then moved away, and then moved back. Existential complications ensue.

Scene Sovereignty (Comment). Anne Snyder had Matt Crummy and me on Comment‘s podcast, The Whole Person Revolution, to talk about the themes in this essay.

Single Premium Life: Vice, Virtue, and Grace in Groundhog Day (Comment). I love this movie.

Images of the Invisible God (Commonweal). In which I think out loud about what it means to (not) look at God.


Giving the Sickness a Name: Walker Percy and Acedia (Commonweal). I was reading Walker Percy and a book about acedia at the same time and noticed … some overlap.

The Lost Pilgrims: Walker Percy, Richard Ford, and the Substance of Hope (Fare Forward). Two novelists deal with the things their characters don’t notice in different but telling ways.

On Not Burying the Dead (Plough). My wife got cancer. I got acedia.


What Comes After: W. H. Auden’s Cure for the Post-Christmas Blues (Commonweal). I was a guest on For the Life of the World, the podcast hosted by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, talking about this essay and Auden’s long poem For the Time Being.

Going Viral (Comment). I went viral on Twitter. It was weird.

Good Birth, Good Death (Comment). My thirty-ninth birthday got me thinking about death, the creation of the world, the Annunciation, Christ’s crucifixion, and four authors who all died when they were thirty-nine.


Editing as Asceticism (Comment). In which I declare my preference for short books unless it’s the Summa theologiae.

Cultivating Friendship (Comment). Friends are good actually.


The Blood of Our Attention (Comment). A review of Breaking Bread with the Dead by Alan Jacobs.


My poem “Holy Saturday” was published in the anthology Clearing Paths, from Darkly Bright Press.

I am an editor for Comment magazine.
I am also a freelance copyeditor and proofreader.

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