My name is Jeff Reimer.
I write about literature, faith, and culture.

Cultivating Friendship (Comment)
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What Comes After: W. H. Auden’s Cure for the Post-Christmas Blues (Commonweal)
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The Lost Pilgrims: Walker Percy, Richard Ford, and the Substance of Hope (Fare Forward)
Giving the Sickness a Name: Walker Percy and Acedia (Commonweal)

The Blood of Our Attention (Comment; on Breaking Bread with the Dead by Alan Jacobs)

My poem “Holy Saturday” was published in the anthology Clearing Paths, from Darkly Bright Press.

I am an editor for Comment magazine.
I am also a freelance copyeditor and proofreader.

For writing queries email jreimer@gmail.com.
For Comment queries email jreimer@cardus.ca.

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